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The PATH Process
The PATH Process
The PATH Process is a method developed by Partnered Path Parenting to help transform everyday parenting challenges into opportunities to support your child's development, all while reducing power struggles and yelling. This eGuide provides an introduction to the PATH Process, plus simple suggestions for integrating the PATH Process into the way you respond to your child.

Resources We Love

These are tools that I use with my family and clients. The links are affiliate links, which means if you decide to invest in one of these programs or products, I will get a percentage of the sale for referring you.

The Big Life Journal

I used to do goal setting work with school-aged kids. The kids who got the most out of it were always the kids who internalized the process and made it their own. The Big Life Journal is awesome because it supports kids in doing just that. Their website is a treasure-trove of resources for all stages of development, starting with preschool.

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