Partnered Path Parenting has been featured on the following media outlets.

Women Are the Journey: The Story of the Shift podcast, hosted by Audrey Acton

I loved sharing my business journey with Audrey on her podcast, Women Are the Journey. In addition to talking business, we chatted about what it means to be highly sensitive. I even shared some of my own formative experiences– things that might have seemed like no big deal to everyone around me at the time, but changed the way this highly sensitive child showed up in the world for many years. I had a blast talking to Audrey, and I’d love it if you’d check out our interview. You can catch it here.

The Queen of Intuition Podcast, hosted by Aubry Hoffman

I loved talking to Aubry about trusting our intuition as parents and raising kids who trust their own intuition. Check out episode 24 to hear our conversation.

The Thriving Child Parenting Summit, hosted by Lyda Osinga

Lyda Osinga is an educator and an advocate for creative children. We explored how parents can begin to shift their every day power struggles with their child by using the PATH Process to respond rather than react. View interview here.

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