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The connection between our emotions and our reactions

The connection between our emotions and our reactions

When we think of emotions and reactions, we often identify our emotional experience as our reactions. In this video, I explore the idea that our emotions actually precede our reactions. When we begin to view our emotions as separate from our actions, we can choose to experience our emotions without reacting emotionally. If this intrigues …

How Do You Handle Power Struggles With Your Child?

Earlier this summer, I was featured on The Thriving Child parenting summit, hosted by Lyda Osinga.  We discussed strategies to minimize power struggles with your child, parent from a calmer place, and support your child in developing into an emotionally healthy adult.  The meat of the video is a breakdown of the PATH Process.  Here’s …

The PATH Process

I am very excited to announce that the first Partnered Path eGuide is now available!  This eGuide breaks down the PATH Process, a four step process designed to help parents slow down and respond to their children with intentionality.  Are you looking for strategies to help minimize the power struggles you have with your child …

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