Let’s Talk About Randall Pearson

Do you watch This Is Us?

I watched the episode where Tess has an anxiety attack at school recently, and that scene where Beth sits her and Randall down together to talk about this trait they share? How it’s not JUST anxiety, they have all these amazing strengths, too?

Randall Pearson is a Highly Sensitive Person.

So is Tess. So is William.

1 in 5 of us are.

We pay attention to details, notice subtleties, process things deeply. And we have so many strengths.

These are the kids I help, every day. These are the parents I work with. Parents who are worried about their kids making it through middle school. Parents who are feeling challenged by their four year old’s independent spirit or the big emotions that come out when their kindergartener comes home from school.

See, sometimes it looks exactly like what we see with Randall and his family. Sometimes we’ve lived it ourselves so it’s easy to see what’s happening.

But sometimes it looks different.

Sensory sensitivity does not exist in isolation, and it presents in different ways depending on an individual’s temperament as a whole, their life experiences, and what’s happening inside their own brain.

That’s when it can get confusing for parents.

This is who I’m here for.

And, side note, I love seeing HS men in mainstream media. Men are just as likely to be highly sensitive as women. It’s just less “societally” acceptable to be a highly sensitive man. As William said, there wasn’t always a name for it. He was just seen as sensitive and frail. Yet we can see his strength. Sensitivity does not equal frailty.

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