Sharing Our Sleep Journey

A couple of months ago, I shared our family’s journey with sleep to date on a facebook live. I shared it publicly because I wanted to be really clear in my belief that sleep patterns look different for every child, what works for one family may not work for another, AND there’s so much to be gained from looking at changes in our children’s sleep patterns as clues rather than challenges or phases that just have to be waited out.

Well, a few things have changed since I created this video, making it the perfect time to share it all here!

My family and I moved into a new home on July 1st, and when we did, we bought my daughter a new bed. She was so excited about the bed, that it was easy to come to an agreement about us not lying down with her any more. Physically, it wasn’t working for us anymore, and it was proving too stimulating for her to have one of us with her in bed. We had a couple of bumpy nights, but the transition went pretty smoothly! Bed times got easier.

And then… they got harder again. For me, at least. What had been taking 20 minutes or so was soon taking two hours. I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and like I was losing my evenings – not the emotions that I want to be feeling as I say goodnight to my daughter!

Since I’m so entrenched in coaching, my mind went immediately to seeking out the root cause of the shift. What was it that was keeping my daughter awake for two hours or more?


Having me in her room made her want to peek over the railings and talk to me. And doing those things made it nearly impossible for her to fall asleep.

So, the next night, I told her I would stay in her room for three podcasts, and then I was going to go into the kitchen and wash the dishes. I’d still be able to hear her if she needed me, and she could keep listening to podcasts as long as she needed them to fall asleep. All she had to do was let me know the podcast was over and I’d come put a new one on.

For the first ten minutes or so she called me in over and over, but then got the hang of it.

It really was an all around win for us – it opened up time in the evenings for me and my husband, and my daughter’s getting the sleep she needs. Plus, it’s just a much more pleasant experience all around.

What’s the most challenging piece of the parenting puzzle for you? The one element that never looks or feels the way you imagined it would? How amazing would it feel to shift that? That’s exactly what my clients are working on every day – stepping out of the struggle and into a more fulfilling and balanced version of parenthood. If that’s what you want for your family, let’s talk. Click on this link to book your free consultation.

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