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Earlier this year, I had the honor of talking to Simran Bhatia of The Souldpreneur Lifestyle podcast, “the podcast that teaches you how to create more flow in your life, one system at a time.” Well, my podcast episode was released last week! If you haven’t heard of Simran or checked out her work, you should go do it now. It may seem like the podcast is geared towards entrepreneurs, but Simran has a way of honing in on areas where entrepreneurs need support in order for their business to flourish that seem like they have nothing to do with business. That means that you are likely to find something you can relate to in her work, even if you aren’t a business owner. I just love her, and I think you’ll love her, too. 

You can listen to my episode here. It’s one of the best interviews I’ve done so far. We really leaned in to what it means to be highly sensitive, how you can tell if your child is highly sensitive, and how you can set them up for success in the real world.

Sensory Sensitivity and Sensory Overwhelm

One of the biggest challenges highly sensitive children face is learning what to do when they feel overwhelmed. Since sensitive kids take in more input and process it more deeply, they are more likely to get overstimulated. Sometimes it’s obvious to us adults that this is what’s happening, and sometimes it’s a little more subtle. When you know the signs, it’s easier to help create space for your child to process. My free guide to overstimulation gives you a checklist of signs to look for, plus strategies for how to respond. Enter your email address below to claim your copy.

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