Two CEO Parents Creating One Family System

I’m so excited to announce that I will be a featured expert in Joshua Castillo’s upcoming Masterclass Series! I talked with Joshua over the weekend, and my Masterclass focuses on the power of creating a daily rhythm for your family and one way to reduce conflicts between parents and start truly parenting as a team.

Joshua designed this series to provide support, information, and hands-on strategies to help your family time be less stressful and much more enjoyable. My Masterclass is one in a series provided by experts that have worked with a variety of family structures and are passionate providing support to children and their parents. These Masterclasses are provided free for you. Every family needs professional support in their Village. The professionals featured are ready to rally around to help your family navigate challenges which impede understanding and positive development. Whether you are a high-powered executive or not, I’m sure you’ll find something relevant to your situation.

Claim your spot here.

In case you missed it, our online membership community, Compass Rose, is open to new members today through March 20th! If you’ve ever felt judged for doing things differently or longed for more support, but weren’t sure where to turn, Compass Rose was created for you. Compass Rose is a community of cycle-breaking parents who are committed to working on themselves so they can show up better for their kids.

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