The PATH Process

I am very excited to announce that the first Partnered Path eGuide is now available!  This eGuide breaks down the PATH Process, a four step process designed to help parents slow down and respond to their children with intentionality.  Are you looking for strategies to help minimize the power struggles you have with your child and reduce your stress load as a parent?  Are you interested in learning techniques to transform everyday challenges into opportunities to deepen your connection to your child and support their growth and development?  Do you try to practice some form of conscious or mindful parenting, but find yourself stuck in a pattern of reacting too quickly when you feel frustrated or triggered?  The PATH Process was created for you!  It will help you manage your stress levels, minimize power struggles with your children, transform challenging moments into opportunities to support your child’s growth and development, and deepen the connection you share with your child. It is a practice you can draw upon when things get tough, but you can also use it as a support for giving positive feedback if you are working to break free of rote responses that deliver empty praise, like “good job.” Using this approach helps you turn off your automatic responses and be more intentional about your interactions with your child, and that is where its power lies.

The PATH Process is broken into four steps:

  • P​ause
  • A​cknowledge
  • T​ell
  • H​elp

The PATH Process helps you ensure that your child feels understood and validated while setting clear boundaries in a calm and respectful way, which means your child will be more likely to listen and more cooperative in the future. This eGuide breaks each step down, gives you clear examples you can reflect on, and provides you with some simple practices you can use to help repattern your reactions when you face a challenging moment with your child or children.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive your free copy today!

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