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Kathryn M.
Kathryn M.

"After two sessions, let me just say-- even if you would rate things as 'pretty good,' Julia is able to take the two or three troublesome situations you keep running up against, ask like two or three questions, and very quickly have a few hunches as to what the root cause or trigger might be. She can then work with you on strategies to not only deal with the recurring issues better when they arise but... here's the super fun part... start to shift routines and make changes so that the big problems you keep having just DON'T HAPPEN ANYMORE. The terrible twos don't need to be terrible, three year olds don't need to be threenagers-- just get Julia in your corner and make parenting fun again."

Jane J.Mother of Three

"Julia's knowledge and insight has been wonderful in helping me to nurture my highly sensitive children through many intense emotional challenges. I really appreciate all of the tools that she has given me to connect with my kids and help them when they are struggling."

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Let’s Talk About Randall Pearson

Do you watch This Is Us? I watched the episode where Tess has an anxiety attack at school recently, and that scene where Beth sits her and Randall down together to talk about this trait they share? How it’s not JUST anxiety, they have all these amazing strengths, too? Randall Pearson is a Highly Sensitive …

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What is your child’s biggest struggle?

Getting dressed in the morning. Winding down for bed time. Separating from you. Getting along with their siblings. Finishing homework.  There are so many areas of day to day life that can be a struggle for families. Sometimes there are so many little struggles that it feels like life with your child is a constant …

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Sensitivity in the Classroom

It’s that time of year again. The kids are getting settled into the new school year. They’re getting to know their teachers and classmates, and the transitions to and from school are starting to smooth out. It’s also the time of year that teachers start noticing that there’s something different about our sensitive kids. If …

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