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Aubry Hoffman
Aubry HoffmanThe Queen of Intuition

Julia brings decades of education and experience to the table as a coach and it shows in every interaction and conversation you have with her about parenting. I feel no judgement talking to Julia about parenting, her suggestions are easy to implement and always take into consideration my unique parenting situation.

Jane Steele JonesMother of Three

Julia's knowledge and insight has been wonderful in helping me to nurture my highly sensitive children through many intense emotional challenges. I really appreciate all of the tools that she has given me to connect with my kids and help them when they are struggling.

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Mindset Matters

Mindset Matters

Our mindset makes such a difference in how we show up as parents. In this video, I share a couple of mindset shifts that really pave the way to a smoother, deeper relationship with our children. I’d love to hear more about your journey in the comments. Have you done any work on your mindset …

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